Hot chocolate


She sat with her peppery black hair curling over her shoulders and rearranged her wide-brimmed straw hat on top of her head.

‘No…too sunny…turn it around…that’s better….a bit too windy isn’t it, but now you won’t get sun burnt, will you?’ Whilst mumbling this, she’d stood up, carefully moving the plastic garden chair to the other side of the cafe table, choosing to place her back to the exquisite sunshine and face away from the sparkling low tide of the early evening. She had more important things to do.

Her red lipstick was drawn too wide, like a child who has tried hard to stay in the lines but had been too eager and therefore found it too difficult. But it matched her red jumper immaculately. It even adorned her front tooth, giving her a comical look. She sat with with her feet propped up on the chair opposite her and peered through her gold rimmed, perfectly round glasses into her hot chocolate mug below. She began the slow process of spooning the thin, brown liquid into her furtive mouth.

‘Oh no…paper…where is it?’ she muttered, rummaging through her sizable bag. ‘There you are!’ She announced as she located the rustling local paper, ‘good, good to see you, we needed you…sit there please…that’s it,’ and she placed an old ash tray abruptly on top of the misbehaving pages, trapping them.

Next to her, a young woman, no more than twenty five, looked up from her book. She had been vaguely aware of the commotion this bizarre, lone woman had been quietly causing but hadn’t wanted to stare. Now she was interested. The woman was definitely talking to her possessions.

Paper tamed, she turned back to the matter of the hot chocolate and continued to spoon the contents into her mouth, devouring it quickly yet somehow managing to savour every mouthful, enjoying the sun on her back and the heat of the hot drink in her throat. Scraping the bottom of the mug for the final few dregs, she slurped the final sip. ‘That’s better…nice chocolate…mmm, yes…good taste’ she muttered.

Satisfied, she released her paper and began to read the adverts, unaware of the young woman next to her who was silently musing over her quiet madness.

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  1. I really enjoyed this! Powerful imagery and you just have to love an eccentric! 😃🐻


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